Travelling without borders: interview with Simona Anedda

Today we interview Simona Anedda, Roman, 1974 class, traveler by passion and vocation. In 2012 she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

As the news came in, she reacted by starting a two-month trip to Brazil and from there on she hasn’t stopped yet, despite the progress of the disease. The grit, the ability to adapt and her courage led her to travel all over the world, from India to London, passing through Iceland, Florida, Nepal and Indonesia.

Surrendering to illness is not an option; traveling is his personal way of fighting.

We contacted Simona tell us her life, her travels and her passions. To understand where she found the courage to leave and travel the world on her own.

Simona’s solution is simple and, in some aspects, surprising. When we ask her how she manages to travel alone and how she deals with the obstacles that may arise during the journey, she simply replies: “I ask for help; when someone offers to help, I accept “. Wherever I went from India to England I found people available, ready to offer their help “. And this is how we discover that in less industrialized countries or, as Simona says, less “bureaucratic” is actually easier to find creative solutions to visit even the less accessible places.

The ability to enter into positive relationships with others is certainly one of Simona’s secrets, but next to this aspect of her character and her way of being, another irreplaceable element is her triris. Or rather, her legs, as she herself likes to define her wheelchair propeller. “The ability to move with a motorized vehicle that is simple and practical to carry, is essential for me”, and in fact looking at his blog it is impossible not to notice the many photos depicting Simona plane ready to leave for new goals with the triris showing off in the hatbox!

Before leaving, we ask Simona what the aspect of the journey is that poses the hardest problems and here too Simona surprises us by citing a simple and practical aspect that often people who do not move on 2 wheels do not to take in due consideration, is the chance of finding accessible baths along the way. Here, too, we ask how she deals with the problem and the answer is almost obvious: “I count on my ability to adapt and I have my own personal kit for emergencies”. I am looking, in collaboration with Kimap, to map accessible places, including bathrooms, that can help those who, like me, need specific services when traveling in Italy.

Simona Anedda, traveler, mostly solo. Travels by passion and for work. In 2012 she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She manages a blog here she tells everyone about her journeys and her perspective.

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Author: Serena Stefanoni


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